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who we are and our vision?

Weefix is a cloud-based software that streamlines repair shops and service centers’ business operations by managing invoicing, inventory, repair ticketing, lead management, marketing, and staff management in one place. Our aim is to provide easy-to-use, comprehensive solutions to help clients grow their businesses. We offer excellent customer service and constantly improve our software to meet evolving needs. Our vision is to be the leading provider of software solutions for the repair and service industry, helping clients achieve success.


Our team is dedicated to providing round-the-clock improvement of our software to match the ever-changing needs of the industry and enhance ease of use, branding, customer retention and overall customer satisfaction.

Assign tickets to technicians who update them with Gears by checking parts availability, fixing problems, quoting service costs, and more.

jobsheet software

No Need to Install, No Device Limit, Could-Based Application.

GearsApp eliminates software installation and downloads. Sign up, follow simple steps, and manage your service center. Get 24/7 support if needed.


Major User Choose GearsApp For

Our 80% Users are Computer repair Shop and Mobile Repair Shop.

Computer Repair Shop Management Software

Optimize your computer repair business with advanced automation tools. Manage customers, billing, marketing, reporting, and staff in one platform. Unlock your business's full potential and watch it soar.

Mobile Repair Shop Management Software

Boost your mobile repair business with cutting-edge automation tools. Manage customers, billing, marketing, reporting, and staff with ease in one platform. Leverage automation and see your business take off.

Repair Shop Management Software

Revolutionize your repair business with automation tools. Manage customers, billing, marketing, reporting, and staff seamlessly in one platform. Embrace automation and see your business thrive.


we are using since from the beta version of gears app, really all features are made for repair technician mindset this the best and easy wat to manage. the service center.

Swift Fixer Owner

Neat and clean ui and easy to use i can't believe how they made very to a finance tools, we can manage our full service center with the tools. you should try this.

Disha Mobile Founder

Best software for job sheet management, literally the UI is sup no need to apply filter for any thing already the system is very use and already filtered. and dashboard is also infomative.

Bijay Computer Manager

very useful software for auto repair business, fixer it in second after see its demo and user friendly login and option.

Raj Auto Services Owner

Price is lower than features, this feature is also best for single store, not taking time to make invoice and jobsheet. currently GST report option is not available but billing is there. they are working on it.

Aizs Systems and services Engineer

Still, confused to subscribe or not?

  1. Don’t Worry about data it is still safe and accessible for a lifetime with us. also after the subscription if any how not continuing us.
  2. Our company respects privacy. No one is watching your data without you and your authorization person, for more check the Privacy policy.

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